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1 - Paleontology of the L. L. & E. et al., Well Unit 1-L
by E. A. Butler . 1960 . 4 sheets (sheet size 16 X 28 in.) . Represents and correlates electric log of this well, located on Lake Washington dome, Plaquemines Parish, with drawings of significant faunal assemblages.
Price: 15.00

2 - St. John's Bentonite Report, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
by C. O. Durham, Jr. et al. . 1962 . One 24 X 18 inch folded sheet . Maps bentonite area and discusses geology, occurrence and reserves.
Price: 10.00

3 - Basic Mesozoic Study in Louisiana, the North Coastal Region, and the Gulf Basin
by E. G. Anderson . 1979 . 58 pp. . Establishes the northern gulf coastal region as a sedimentary-stratigraphic entry. Presents a set of Mesozoic units adapted from current usage to best fit the region, with representative sections for each unit; a stratigraphic grid extending over the Mesozoic shelf to facilitate use of the units; and a tectonic framework showing major structural elements that affected sedimentation on the Mesozoic shelf.
Price: 50.00

4 - Parish Atlas of Oil and Gas Fields
by C. P. Stanfield, E. L. McGehee, J. I. Snead, E. B. Millet, and E. L. Nichols . 1980 . 85 pp., Photocopy . Delineates onshore oil and gas fields discovered through 31 December 1980; also nonproducing salt domes.
Price: 15.00

5 - Regional Cross Sections, Louisiana Gulf Coast, Western Part
by D. G. Bebout and D. R. Gutierrez . 1982 . 11 pp. (size 19 X 22 in.) . Covers an area extending from the Sabine River on the west to Pointe Coupee, St. Martin and Iberia Parishes on the east; to the north, the sections extend above the deeply buried Lower Cretaceous shelf margin. Available as pdf.
Price: 25.00

6 - Regional Cross Sections, Louisiana Gulf Coast, Eastern Part
by D. G. Bebout and D. R. Gutierrez . 1983 . 10 pp. (size 25 X 22 in.) . Covers an area extending from West Feliciana, Pointe Coupee, St. Martin, Iberia and St. Mary parishes on the west to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line on the east. Available as pdf.
Price: 25.00

7 - Regional Cross Sections, North Louisiana
by L. G. Eversull . 1984 . 10 pp. (size 28 X 21) . Covers an area extending from Caddo, De Soto and Sabine Parishes on the west to West Carroll, Franklin, Concordia and Avoyelles Parishes on the east and from the Arkansas-Louisiana boundary on the north to Township 1 on the south. Available as pdf.
Price: 25.00

8 - Stratigraphic Charts of Louisiana
by John E. Johnston, III, Paul V. Heinrich, John K. Lovelace, Richard P. McCulloh and Ron Zimmerman . 2000 . Hard copy, One 24 X 36 inch sheet . Available for free at our web site www.lgs.lsu.edu
Price: 25.00

9 - Stratigraphic Cross Sections and Maps of Chicot Aquifer System: Southwest Louisiana
by Riley Milner and Chad Fisher . 2011 . 20 X 30-inch sheet . Multicolored sheet with legend to denote fault and salt dome information. Available as pdf.
Price: 10.00






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