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99-01 - Neogene Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Fort Polk and Slagle Areas of Western Louisiana
by David J. Hinds . 1999 . 60 pp. plus appendix . Discusses physiography, lithostratigraphy, surface geology, and structure of an area in Vernon Parish equivalent to slightly greater than two 7.5-minute quadrangles. Includes sections on subsurface lithostratigraphic correlation, environments of deposition, and Neogene genetic stratigraphic framework. Also includes Plates 1 and 2 that are reduced versions of Geologic Quadrangle Map Series GQ-1 and GQ-2 by the author.
Price: 15.00

02-01 - Geology of the Fort Polk Region, Sabine, Natchitoches, and Vernon Parishes, Louisiana
by R. P. McCulloh and P. V. Heinrich . 2002 . 82 pp. plus appendix and CD . Includes a chapter on Natural Occurrence of Bogs, Seeps and Springs by Bradford C. Hanson.
Price: 25.00

03-01 - Evaluation of Aquifer Capacity to Sustain Short-, Long-Term Ground Water Withdrawal from Point Sources in the Chicot Aquifer for Southwest Louisiana: Part 1
by Doug Carlson, Riley Milner and Bradford C. Hanson . 2003 . 90 pp. plus appendix . 90 pages.
Price: 70.00

06-01 - Research Related to Two Common Restoration Project Types in Coastal Louisiana: Marsh Terracing & Hydrologic Restoration
by Bill Good . 2006 . 40 pp. . 40 pages.
Price: 15.00

09-01 - Long-term Hydrogeologic Characterization of Water Supply Wells Affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita along the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain
by Thomas P. Van Biersel, L. Riley Milner, Douglas A. Carlson, and Elizabeth K. Mier . 2009 . 56 pages . Analysis of groundwater samples collected over a two-year period.
Price: 15.00

10-01 - Summary of Surface and Ground Water Resources Publications and Readily Available Data for Louisiana
by Thomas Van Biersel, Douglas Carlson, and Riley Milner . 2010 . 203 pages . Compiled statewide statistics and data relating to Louisiana.
Price: 15.00

12-01 - 2011 Atchafalaya Basin Inundation Data Collection and Damage Assessment Project
by Douglas Carlson, Marty Horn, Thomas Van Biersel, and David Fruge . 2012 . 253 pages . This report contains in excess of 5,000 analyses as well as months of gauging data collected from a multitude of sites. It is an archive of the information collected and made available to the authors and collaborators during the preparation of this report.
Price: 15.00

14-01 - Methane and VOC Concentration Within Southern Bossier, Southern Caddo and Northern De Soto Parish
by Douglas Carlson and Marty Horn . 2014 . 130 pages . Discusses volatile organic compounds in the groundwater samples from Bossier, Caddo and De Soto Parishes.
Price: 15.00






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